The easiest way

to monitor and dispatch your vehicles

Remotely Monitor Reefer

You will be surprised to find that you can remotely monitor your Reefer (Thermo King & Carrier) work status, including temperature, Reefer operation, Reefer failure, and even some Reefer can be turned on or off remotely.

Real-Time Tracking

Track the location of your objects (vehicles, people, phones, bikes, etc.) online in real-time. Choose from the following maps: Google, Satellite, OSM etc. View additional information about the tracking objects, including its speed, exact address, petrol consumption, travel history, etc.

History and Reports

Get all your tracking information in details. Gital maintains a history of every trip up to 3 months: where and how the assets moved. You may view the information in multiple ways. All your trips are divided into segments where you can see the speed, time and mileage of your assets. 



Get instant alerts about your tracking object. Know when the object enters or exits a geo-zone, if it is speeding, and its stopovers. Get SOS alarms if it has been stolen, and easily turn the engine on or off. Get notifications to your iPhone, Android or Windows devices, via e-mail, mobile app or SMS.


The Geofence feature allows you to set up geographic boundaries around areas that have specific interest for you. Receive automated alerts when the object enters or leaves marked boundaries.